Friday, March 5, 2010

The 21 Buddhas Show at ASIF Gallery

The Artist's Studio in the Foothills is proud to present The 21 Buddhas! Picture this... twenty one painters and 2D multi-media artists, each being handed a blank canvas... though not a flat or rectangular one, a low-relief sculptural casting of the face of Buddha!

Figurative sculptor, Deborah Bridges has become known for her peaceful garden Buddha castings, and original one of a kind works in bronze and clay. For this show, Bridges has created a grouping of Buddha face castings, in various sizes, and has invited twenty one local artists to create a composition on them, each in their very own recognizable style and palet. A collaborative effort between painter and sculptor... twenty one visions, through a single powerful icon.

As a special addition to this art event... On the evening of the opening reception, local art historian, Kristanne Heaton will lead a discussion on the history of this icon, as it is used by artists. Weaving a wealth of historic knowledge through heartfelt interpretations of individual artist's works, Heaton's Art Talks have become interesting, and provocative educational experiences for guests of the center's specially themed shows and art events.

The 21 Buddhas Show opens just two weeks before the celebration of the birth of Buddha! On April 8th, Buddhists around the world will be celebrating Prince Siddhartha Gotama's birthday, also known as Shakyamuni Buddha!

As a special fundraiser for this event... On March 1st, during ASIF's monthly artist's salon meeting, local artists were invited to support the center's efforts with a small donation of creativity... ASIF residents offered a special sake' cup making workshop, in which artists from the community were given clay and basic instruction on how to hand-build a sake' cup! Twenty-some artists gathered for the occasion, creating an excellent inventory of tiny handmade cups, most of which share one sameness... the image of Buddha! The cups will be offered for sale to guests, filled with sake' of course, at the opening reception. Proceeds from sake' cup sales go to supporting ASIF Studios!

Also in the gallery this month... New Small Works in the Smallworks Hall! The Smallworks Hall shows have become a permanent side kick to the center's main gallery shows. The Smallworks Hall shows loosely follow the main gallery show themes... so, yes, you will find some Buddha images in the Smallworks Hall!
Mark your calendars for this very special art event! An opening reception for the artists, celebrating both the Main Gallery/21 Buddhas, and Smallworks Hall shows will be held on Friday, March 26th from 5-8pm. Asian inspired music, food and drink to be enjoyed by all!