Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Asif Studios welcomes the Mud Hut to its new Home!

In mid December the beloved Imaginarium and Mud Hut, run by the Nevada City Superintendent of Schools, got word that they would no longer be able to offer their programs at their Zion Street address in Nevada City. The Mud Hut, founded in 2002 by Paul Harrar, Claudia Jeffers, Chic Lotz and Denise Wey, well known for their ceramics classes and workshops offered as part of the Superintendent's, Arts in the Schools program, had no idea what wonderful growth and opportunity, this seemingly tragic news would hold for them!

Word spread quickly of the soon to be homeless clay art program - but Asif Studios owner and director, Amanda Paoletti, knew just what to do... "The minute I heard, I knew exactly what needed to happen!" says Paoletti. "The merging of these two studios will not only be fulfilling an urgent need for this community to keep the Mud Hut in operation, their programs will become a huge support to this budding visual arts center!"

The Artist's Studio in the Foothills, (Asif) a community art studio located on Idaho Maryland Road in Grass Valley, offering private and shared studio space, a gallery to promote local artists, instruction in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramic sculpture and wheel throwing, has been busy earning its own reputation as a known and respected visual arts center and emerging artist venue. Asif Gallery is already working on ideas for fundraising events and student-teacher gallery shows to promote and raise funds for Mud Hut scholarship programs, which offer art instruction to underprivileged children.

In order to accommodate the Mud Hut's extensive operations, Asif will be expanding their ceramic studio with a 160 sq ft kiln shed, to be brought from the Mud Hut's Zion Street location. "People have been so helpful in making this move happen smoothly", says Paoletti. Asif Studios property owner, Reginald King, has graciously offered to move the kiln shed to its new location the first week in January. "It's very clear how important the Mud Hut is to this community... We are thrilled to have these talented artists and their amazing programs become part of Asif Studios!"

The Mud Hut offers a full range of ceramic art instruction, from one hour clay workshops for groups of kindergarteners, to advanced adult sculpture classes and teacher training courses. This team of talented educators, is moved in, and ready to continue without pause, at their new home, at Asif Studios!

For more information on Mud Hut and other Asif art programs go to: www.asifstudios.com or call Amanda at 530-274-7000

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Asif Studios Open House Holiday Art Event!

On Saturday, December 19th from 11am-4pm, the Artists at Asif Studios invite you and your families to celebrate the holidays! Come share some hot apple cider, cookies & other tasty treats!

The Small Works in the Foohtills Holiday Show Artists have been delivering NEW WORKS daily! Don't miss what's new in the Small Works Show!

Fine, original, one of a kind, small works of art...
paintings, drawings, prints, photos, sculpture and decorative pieces,
perfect for holiday gift giving!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Small Works Holiday Show Opening Reception a BIG success!

Two hundred-fifty people gathered at the Artist's Studio in the Foothills gallery on Friday, November 20th, for the opening reception of the Small Works in the Foothills Holiday Show! Though the weather forecast promised the season's first snow storm, it didn't seem to discourage anyone from coming to kick off the holidays with this, one of a kind, exciting holiday art event!

Sixty participating artists enjoyed a lively evening sharing fine art, food and wine with friends and loyal patrons. Throughout the busy evening, works came off the walls, and into the hands of happy holiday gift-givers, as gallery attendants quickly filled empty spots with new works. ...And new works continue to arrive daily, as the artists strive to keep up with the demand of this popular show! The 600 piece show will hang through January 9th, 2010!

Now in its second year, Asif Studios proudly embraces its local community of artists and art patrons, fulfilling its mission to become the visual arts center of Nevada County!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Asif Studios Gears up for the Small Works in the Foothills Holiday Show Opening Reception, Friday, Nov. 20, 5-9pm!

Residents at the Artist's Studio in the Foothills rose bright and early Monday morning to hang and display sixty Nevada County artist's works for their Small Works in the Foothills Holiday Show! Six hundred small paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture and decorative works of art, are now on display and await their debut at the opening reception, this coming Friday, November 20th from 5-9pm!

Each of the sixty Nevada County artists, will arrive before the crowds on Friday evening, brandishing bottles of wine and artfully prepared dishes to share with their loyal patrons. This fabulous display of works... quite possibley the largest collection ever seen in Nevada County, hangs from floor to ceiling in the studio's main gallery, is just the thing for fine art lovers in search of a more unique one of a kind, yet affordable holiday gift shopping experience! And, since works may be sold off the wall for holiday gift giving, the exhibit, which hangs through January 9th, promises to be everchanging. This is a show you'll need to visit again and again to see it all!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Asif Studios Small Works in the Foothills Holiday Show - Opens November 20th!

Back by popular demand, and just in time for the holidays, the Artists Studio in the Foothills is gearing up for another Small Works show!

The Small Works in the Foothills Holiday Show will feature sixty Nevada County Artists, in what Asif Studios is calling their, "BIGGEST Small Works Show yet!" The gallery's first Small Works Show, held in May of this year, featured 50 artists exhibiting 450 pieces in all... "We're hoping to pack in as many as six hundred paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and decorative works of art for the holiday show... resulting in what may be the largest collection of fine art ever shown in Nevada County!" says Amanda Paoletti, Asif studio & gallery director. "And, to keep it fresh... the exhibit promises to be ever changing!" That is, since works will be sold 'off the wall' for holiday gift-giving, the gallery will maintain a supply of additional works, or "art back stock" to replenish the display on an ongoing basis throughout the course of the exhibit. This is a show you'll need to visit again and again to see it all!

Each of the sixty small works artists may submit up to ten pieces, all meeting specific size limitations... Small paintings, drawings, prints & photos must measure to under twelve inches in any direction, including the matt and frame. ...Sculptural and decorative works must not exceed 432 cubic inches (6x6x12"). Since small art often results in smaller price tags, the gallery is hoping to insure that, despite difficult economic times, their patrons will still be able to quench their thirst for original art... "same quantities, just smaller portions!" The works will be displayed from floor to ceiling on the walls, shelves and pedestals of the center's main gallery. The show will hang through January 9th.

Join the artists at Asif Studios to celebrate this exciting holiday art event... featuring fine art, delicious food & wine, and an ever growing community of visual artists and their patrons!

For more information call, Amanda Paoletti - 530-274-7000, or go to: http://www.asifstudios.com/

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open Studios Art Tour At Asif Studios - October 17th & 18th

Five resident artists at the Artist's Studio in the Foothills will open their doors for the final weekend of the Open Studios Art Tour, this coming Saturday and Sunday, October 17th & 18th.

The gallery will feature the works of each of its five residents on the tour; Rebecca Bleau, Eileen Blodgett, Deborah Bridges, Amanda Paoletti, and Kathryn Wronski, with additional finished and in progress works on display in each of their private studio spaces.

The Aritst's Studio in the Foothills is home to over twenty five resident artists, working in private and shared studio spaces at their Grass Valley location, at 940 Idaho Maryland Road. The studio and gallery is open to the public, 10am-5pm, Monday - Friday, 11am-4pm on Saturdays, offering classes, workshops, and open studio access to students and members. For more information about Asif Studios, go to their website at http://www.asifstudios.com/.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Asif Studios Art of Tea Show Artists discovered by the Kamm Teapot Foundation...

If you didn't make it to our Art of Tea Show opening reception, there's still time to catch this exciting gallery show! Three hundred people gathered for the reception on August 28th, to enjoy an evening of fine art, exceptional teas, and educational presentations by local tea experts and art historians.

The Kamm Teapot Foundation, founded by collectors, Gloria & Sonny Kamm, of Los Angeles, CA, is the largest and most comprehensive collection of teapots in the world, presently consisting of approximately 10,000 teapots and tea sets, is purchasing ten pieces from the show! An exhibition of 250 of the foundation's, mostly contemporary artist's teapots, toured to nine museums over a four year period under the name of the "Artful Teapot", setting attendance records at six of the nine museums! While the collection includes antique teapots from virtually every time period and country, one of its greatest strengths are its sculptural teapots, many of which were created by world famous contemporary artists... including, Peter Voulkos, Richard Shaw, Beatrice Wood, David Gilhooly, Viola Frey, Arman, Cindy Sherman, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and many, many more!

It is a great honor to become part of this incredible collection. The teapots will begin their journey to their new home after October 2nd, to become part of the foundation's permanent collection, presently located in Sparta, North Carolina. We are all very excited to see our small-town artists getting such big time attention for their talent. Congratulations to all of you!

The show will hang through October 2nd. The gallery is open daily from 10am-5pm Monday-Friday, and Saturdays 11am-4pm.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Art of Tea Show Opening Reception a Big Success!!!

Three hundred people gathered at the Artist's Studio in the Foothills for their Art of Tea Show opening reception, Friday, August 28th. Each of four educational presentations on tea ceremony, teapot history and tea leaf reading were also well attended by enthusiastic guests seated in rows of chairs and stools in the studio's 2D classroom & gallery buffet area.

Guests enjoyed a fabulous display of teapots fashioned in ceramic & wood, and paintings and pastel drawings of spirited teapots and tea themed scenes. Exceptional teas, both hot and iced, gathered by Babette Donaldson, our local tea expert, on her many journeys around the world, were shared with guests, along with an impressive buffet of green tea ice cream, Russian tea cookies and many other sweet tea treats! The show will hang through October 2nd in the studio's Grass Valley gallery, open Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm, Saturday, 11am-4pm!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Asif Studios - Art of Tea Show, Opening Reception August 28th, 5-8pm!

The Artist's Studio in the Foothills is celebrating the Art of Tea... featuring teapots and tea inspired works by over twenty five Nevada County artists. From traditional functional teapots to tea themed paintings, poetry, and sculptural non-functional works.

With Special guest presentations on Traditional Chinese & Japanese Tea Ceremony, by tea expert, Babette Donaldson, and a tracing of steps from ancient to modern tea culture by local art historian, Kristanne Heaton.

The show will open Friday, August 28th, with a tea - reception for the artists, from 5 - 8pm. A very special tea ceremony grade Matcha will be served for tea ceremony presentations. Iced and herbal teas, tea cookies, sweet tea treats and spiked tea concoctions will be served throughout the reception.

The gallery exhibit will be open to the public daily, 10am-5pm Monday - Friday, Saturday 11am-4pm, and will hang through October 2nd.

Babette Donaldson, a well known local author, student of historic and modern tea culture, and creator of World Tea News...The Art & Spirit of Tea - website & blog, will offer presentations on Chinese & Japanese tea ceremony. Go to Babette's blog at: http://www.worldteanews.com/ArtAndSpiritOfTea/2009/08/23/tea-in-art-exhibits/

Tea In Art Exhibits:
Posted by babette on Sunday, August 23rd 2009 under: Tea culture, tea and art
The connection between the Art World & Tea Land has been one of my main blog themes. It was tea in art that lured me to the leaf. So, it gives me great pleasure to observe how this is being celebrated in at least two different California venues this month. One is Northern California and the other in Southern California. One is a very prestigious exhibition and the other is an intimate studio gathering. But both generate a dynamic conversation between visual arts and the ancient brew.

Steeped In History: the Art of Tea
An exhibition at the Fowler Museum at the University of California, Los Angeles opened this month and will run through November 29, 2009.
The show’s curator Beatrice Hohenegger, has chosen an interesting approach, using art to tell the 5000 history of tea. Beginning with the ancient Chinese legend of Shen Nong, she explores follows the tea routes through Japan and into the west.
“Tea was an exotic novelty, and no one knew what to make of it at first,” Hohenegger said.The survey of tea-inspired art is drawn from three continents and several centuries of art to illustrate the importance of our favorite brew to world culture. Beatrice Hohenegger, author of Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West (St. Martin’s Press, 2007). Ms. Hohenegger also edited the published show guide for the Fowler Museum, Steeped in History: The Art of Tea (ISBN: 978-0-9778344-1-9).

During the three-month of the exhibit, the Fowler Museum will also be offering numerous special tea-art events for both children and adults.

One other interesting partnership of note is that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf provided tea service for the opening. Like my own tea service at the Asif Studio show, these are opportunities for tea businesses to make connections with art patrons - quite likely an interested audience in premium tea. Tea businesses and tea educators may want to be alert to possibilities for these types of exchanges.

One Last Word
Tea’s foundation in history and culture is one obvious inspiration for artists. And the wealth of inspired images in art available to the tea lover rewards the passion. But I continue to pin the ‘why’ question to the observation. What is it about tea. . . ?

This summer I joined Dan Robertson’s World Tea Tour to China, traveling with this question in mind. Touring tea gardens, factories, tea schools, tea wholesale markets, meeting tea masters, down to picking our own tea and molding our own puerh cakes encouraged me to continue to ponder. But I’m pleased to say that I returned with more questions.
This is a good thing for a lifelong passion. And I believe it’s good for artists as well.

Gan bei.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Asif Studios - Figurative Works Show, July 31st - August 22nd

The Artist's Studio in the Foothills Gallery will celebrate the works of more than 25 well known and emerging local artist for its' Figurative Works Show - Featuring New Works - Inspired by the Human Form... Paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and low relief wall forms will be exhibited for this special art event. The main gallery will feature a selection of juried works, while the studio's two community classrooms will feature student works and figurative studies created by a sampling of 2 & 3D program participants.

The show will open Friday, July 31st, with a reception for the artists, from 5 - 8pm. Coufos Cellars, Rough and Ready's premier local winery, will pour a few of their delicious wines for the event. The Exhibit will be open to the public daily, 10am-5pm Monday - Friday & Saturday 11am-4pm, and will hang through August 22nd.

For jpg images please contact: mpaoletti@asifstudios.com

Asif Gallery Establishes New Ground...
The Studio is thrilled by the community's response to this exciting new gallery venue. Created for the sole purpose of promoting Nevada County visual artists, Asif Studios is becoming a well known and respected arts resource, garnering great support by the county's multi-faceted and talented community of artists and art patrons. Now entering its second year, the Artist's Studio in the Foothills is fulfilling its mission to become The Visual Arts Center of Nevada County!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Asif Studios Anniversary Show & Celebration - June 26th, 5 - 8pm!

The Artist's Studio in the Foothills is celebrating its first anniversary this month! To commemorate the event, the gallery will feature its 30 resident artist's paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics and other media. The celebratory show opens Friday, June 26th with a reception for the artists from 5 - 8pm. Wine and refreshments will be served, and a studio art class & month long studio membership will be raffled off during the opening reception. The exhibit is open to the public and will hang through July 25th.

Now entering it's second year, Asif Studios is a living testament to the positive spirit of the artist! Home to over 30 residents, and becoming a well known and respected arts resource, the studio is fulfilling it's mission to become The Visual Arts Center of Nevada County.

"We are very happy and proud to present the works of this talented growing community of visual artists! The community aspect of the place seems to be what local artists value most about the studio, many of whom are scattered throughout the rural areas of the county... Visual artists finally have a center whose sole purpose is to grow and foster a connection between artists, other artists, and art patrons in the community!"

General Info:
As if Studios is a fully equipped studio arts facility offering private studio space, a community ceramic & 2D studio, a gallery to promote participating artists, private mentoring and drop in studio use, instruction in painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, wheel throwing, and glaze chemistry.

The gallery's month long shows feature local artists of the Nevada County area.
Open Studio & Gallery hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm, Saturday 11am-4pm.

Asif Studios is located at 940 Idaho Maryland Road in Grass Valley, CA. For more information call or email Amanda Paoletti at 530-274-7000 - mpaoletti@asifstudios.com

2009 Summer, Fall & Winter Shows:
Anniversary Show - June 26th - July 25th
Figurative Works Show - July 31st - August 22nd
Tea Pot Show - August 28th - October 2nd
Open Studio Art Tour - October 9th - November 13th
Small Works in the Foothills Holiday Show - November 20th - January 9th

Friday, May 29, 2009

Asif Artist's on the Wine Trail this weekend!

Coufos Cellars in Rough & Ready
is hosting a show for several As if artists for this event...

Featuring live entertainment, food pairings & more! Each ticket holder will receive a commemorative wine glass and access to all thirteen participating wineries & their Wine Trail festivities!
$40 Two days
$25 Sunday only
Tickets can be purchased by visiting or
calling any participating winery,
or online at http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=cwboz8cab.0.0.nxpdgucab.0&ts=S0404&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nswinecountry.com%2F&id=preview

Coufos Cellars
10065 Rough & Ready RoadRough & Ready, CA 95975

Coufos Cellars, is located in the historic town of Rough & Ready on a former 20 acre dairy.
Today the farm is dotted with hillside vineyards, and old dairy buildings, now converted into wine making facilities. Specializing in Rhone style wines, Coufos Cellars features wine blends crafted from estate and locally grown, organically farmed grapes.

Come enjoy a variety of tasty hours-d'oeuvres, and sample some of their delicious Rhone style wines, such as as their popular red blend "Ghatti Rouge," their white blend "Buffo Blanc," a Viognier, Syrah, and Petite Sirah.

Owners Henry Coufos and Janet Wheeling look forward to welcoming you to their winery!

Featured Artists:
Lauren Drutz, Ceramics
Kathryn Wronski, Oil Paintings
Amanda Paoletti, Ceramic Sculpture
Eileen Blodgett, Paintings & Prints
Josh Unterman, Ceramics
Joanne Wohlfeld, Ceramics

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Small Works Show Opening Reception a BIG success!

Four hundred people, armed with umbrellas, braved the rainy roadways on Friday, May 1st to attend As if Studio's opening reception for the Small Works in the Foothills gallery show. The show will hang through the end of May, featuring over four hundred works by more than fifty local artists in the Nevada County area. This show has a great variety of exceptional artist's works, at very affordable prices.

The gallery is thrilled to report sales of more than forty pieces during the reception, raising over $200 for the Nevada County Foodbank. Old and new fans continue to stop in daily to browse the show, and enjoy the beautiful gallery space. Literally filled to the brim, the gallery is overflowing with energy... the irony of these small, intimate works creating such a huge impact on the space is really quite something!

Studio & Gallery Hours - Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 11am-4pm.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Small Works in the Foothills Show Makes Front Page News!

As if Studio's upcoming show made front page news in the Union this week! We also enjoyed an excellent radio spot with Jerianne Van Dijk at KVMR! We have over fifty artists participating in this show... take a look at this list!

Paul Honatke, Jennifer Long, Viv Kane, Jeanine Christman, Kara Gridley, Stacy Lamothe, Douglas Truth, Karen Faulk, Lill McGill, RC Trice, Susan Michalski, Laura Morton, Rebecca Casey, Benjamin Vierling, David Mooney, David McKay, Irene Nicholas, Mary Russel, Ruth Chase, Janet Lemette, Yvon Dockter, Ruth Mazur, Marsha Rafter, Mary Trethewey, Dirk Dusharme, Molly Fisk, Carmen Lang, Katie Wolf, Kathleen Kershaw, Tricia Burbank, Denia Pearson, William Wilson, Cindy Barry, Carin Brooks, Robin Wallace, John Hoft, Liz Collins, Brooke Mayfield, Thomas Devine, Leeanne Brooks, Peggy Wright, Margaret McDermott, Eileen Blodgett, Jane Swan, Amanda Paoletti, Kathryn Wronski, Josh Unterman, Lauren Drutz, Cory Norris, Rebecca Bleau, Sarah Hendrickson, Randy Rigg, Deborah Bridges, Phil Brown, Stephanie Adams, Sharon Griffiths, Clay Platner, Irene Nicholas, Risa Roseman

Monday, April 20, 2009

Phil Brown Teaching at As if Studios...

Resident member, Phil Brown and his students are enjoying their new home at As if Studios. Most every Monday you'll see cars lining the front of the building during his morning pastel, and afternoon oil & acrylic painting classes. We're very happy and proud to have you here Phil!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Small Works in the Foothills Show, May 1st - 30th...

Resident and guest artists at the Artist’s Studio in the Foothills, are getting excited about their upcoming “Small Works in the Foothills” gallery show, May 1st – 30th. The show will include the works of over forty local artists in the Nevada County area. Many creating paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and sculpture especially for the show... due to the size limit of under twelve inches. These are “small works” with big plans to surprise and inspire art lovers in our community!

“We’ve had an amazing response from local artists… Our goal is to cover every square inch of our walls, every shelf and pedestal with art!” says Amanda Paoletti, Studio Manager and Ceramics program Director. The original goal was to bring art to the community in a more affordable way, but an interesting side effect has occurred… working small has opened creative doors and inspired artists in new and exciting ways. “We’re thrilled by the positive energy this is show is creating for artists, and the community!”

Join the artists for an opening reception with wine and refreshments: Friday, May 1st from 5 - 8pm. The Artist’s Studio in the Foothills is located at 940 Idaho Maryland Road in Grass Valley. For more information call 530-274-7000, email :mpaoletti@asifstudios.com or go to http://web.mac.com/rrigg