Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Asif Studios welcomes the Mud Hut to its new Home!

In mid December the beloved Imaginarium and Mud Hut, run by the Nevada City Superintendent of Schools, got word that they would no longer be able to offer their programs at their Zion Street address in Nevada City. The Mud Hut, founded in 2002 by Paul Harrar, Claudia Jeffers, Chic Lotz and Denise Wey, well known for their ceramics classes and workshops offered as part of the Superintendent's, Arts in the Schools program, had no idea what wonderful growth and opportunity, this seemingly tragic news would hold for them!

Word spread quickly of the soon to be homeless clay art program - but Asif Studios owner and director, Amanda Paoletti, knew just what to do... "The minute I heard, I knew exactly what needed to happen!" says Paoletti. "The merging of these two studios will not only be fulfilling an urgent need for this community to keep the Mud Hut in operation, their programs will become a huge support to this budding visual arts center!"

The Artist's Studio in the Foothills, (Asif) a community art studio located on Idaho Maryland Road in Grass Valley, offering private and shared studio space, a gallery to promote local artists, instruction in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramic sculpture and wheel throwing, has been busy earning its own reputation as a known and respected visual arts center and emerging artist venue. Asif Gallery is already working on ideas for fundraising events and student-teacher gallery shows to promote and raise funds for Mud Hut scholarship programs, which offer art instruction to underprivileged children.

In order to accommodate the Mud Hut's extensive operations, Asif will be expanding their ceramic studio with a 160 sq ft kiln shed, to be brought from the Mud Hut's Zion Street location. "People have been so helpful in making this move happen smoothly", says Paoletti. Asif Studios property owner, Reginald King, has graciously offered to move the kiln shed to its new location the first week in January. "It's very clear how important the Mud Hut is to this community... We are thrilled to have these talented artists and their amazing programs become part of Asif Studios!"

The Mud Hut offers a full range of ceramic art instruction, from one hour clay workshops for groups of kindergarteners, to advanced adult sculpture classes and teacher training courses. This team of talented educators, is moved in, and ready to continue without pause, at their new home, at Asif Studios!

For more information on Mud Hut and other Asif art programs go to: www.asifstudios.com or call Amanda at 530-274-7000

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