Saturday, February 13, 2010

Artists Revel in the Creative Spirit at ASIF Studios...

The Artist's Studio in the Foothills (ASIF) celebrated its' Winter 2010 Resident Artist Show with a few hundred fans and local patrons, at a reception for the artists on Friday, February 12th. ASIF residents welcomed the crowd to another grand opening, with Valentine sweets, wine and home-made delectables. Live acoustic guitar music filled the air, as guests reveled in the collective creative spirit, and celebration of this talented community of artists, in their very own gallery and visual arts center!

Though it wasn't just another grand opening reception at ASIF... As the center heads into its third year, this show holds special meaning for the artists there. It celebrates the resident artists, the individuals that have made ASIF Studios their home... they are what makes the place tick, in virtually every way. "This show is all about the people that bring the spirit, substance and viability to the place. And, it's definitely one of our best shows yet!", says owner, director Amanda Paoletti. "I am so proud of the work that's happening here, and so grateful for the support and dedication of each and every resident member!"

The unique success story of this small town studio and gallery is one that Paoletti loves to tell... The great accommodations and classy appeal of the center's gallery and private studio spaces comes with a steep monthly bill to fit. Though with the dedicated support of the resident artists, it has become a self sustaining entity.

One year ago the studio faced its potential end, when the original owner, founder and financial backer announced he would no longer be able to fund the effort. The torch was immediately passed to the founder's manager, an artist with a background in gallery management, who from that moment, vowed that the center would not close!

With some tweaks to the business model, and some hefty promises to her resident artists, Paoletti set forth to create a fine art venue for the community that would garner the respect of the finest artists and art patrons in the area. "It tuns out, the gallery is the real gem here... And with its symbiotic relationship with the studio aspect of the place, it's really the perfect business model for a fine art gallery!" Says Paoletti "So many wonderful galleries have slipped away over the years... what I've learned is that a gallery depending on art sales alone to cover its overhead is a very risky business."

So Paoletti came up with a plan, and fashioned a creative business deal of sorts... which, simply put is, if the artists will commit to support the space, they will be supported and promoted in it. And it's the center's monthly gallery shows in which the artists art promoted, that are what the center is becoming known for. This very special, and mutually supportive relationship between artist and gallery is what this budding viusal arts center is all about!

The Artist's Studio in the Foothills is a fully equipped studio arts facility, offering studio memberships and drop in studio use, private and shared studio space, instruction in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, pottery and mosaics. The gallery holds art events and opening receptions for gallery shows every six weeks and is open to the public, Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm and Saturdays 11am - 4pm.

The Winter 2010 - Resident Artist Show will hang through March 5th.

For information on classes, and upcoming gallery shows call 274-7000, or go to:

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