Sunday, November 27, 2011

ASiF Summer 2011 Student & Teacher Show

The Artists Studio in the Foothills (ASiF) Visual Arts Center of Nevada County
is proud to present its Second Annual Student & Teacher Show... The show will feature the works of over fifty ASiF students and their teachers, showcasing just a handful of the center's program offerings. Adult and children's student art works, from papier mache to fine ceramic sculpture, functional wheel thrown and hand-built ceramics, mosaics, acrylics, oil and pastel paintings, printmaking and jewelry art will be on display throughout the month for this exciting art event. Though only some of the art will be for sale, all of the works are a testament to the high quality fine art instruction offered by the center's resident instructors.

ASiF has become hugely committed to the development of a mutually supportive community for the visual artists of Nevada County. This year's Student & Teacher Show exemplifies the ways in which that support has fostered the great talents of this budding student body, the quality of which is most evident in the art itself!

The Student & Teacher Show will open on Friday, August 12th, with an opening reception from 5 - 8pm. At 6pm that evening ASiF instructors will gather to introduce themselves to reception guests, and offer short presentations of their current and upcoming programs. Two to five minute presentations by each of the instructors will be followed by an open discussion and question and answering session.

Over a period of years since the center opened in 2008, many course participants at ASiF have become regular students, taking a different approach to art instruction... seeking more of a "mentor-ship" by working closely with one or more of the instructors on an ongoing basis. This business of mentoring has proven to be a wonderfully successful mutual support system for the center and its instructors as well. Says Amanda Paoletti, ASiF owner and director, "The mentoring in the classes that are happening here brings an incredibly vital creative spirit to ASiF... it's like a mini version of the synergy shared by resident artists with studio spaces here... each of the artists support each other in so many ways.... it's a very intimate artists' community, though since each of the artists seek visibility and exposure as well, the greater community is made to feel welcomed in".

ASiF Studios opened its' doors in June of 2008, with the mission of creating a visual arts center to support and promote the visual artists of Nevada County. The center offers professional art instruction and state of the art facilities for resident and visiting instructors, private and shared studio space, drop in studio use, community classrooms for painting, drawing, printmaking, mosaics, jewelry arts, wheel throwing, and sculptural ceramics. One of the center's greatest assets to the community has proven to be their emerging artists gallery in which themed gallery shows are celebrated throughout the year, promoting studio residents and hundreds of local Nevada County artists.

Since the beginning the community has fully embraced the centers' efforts, naming it the highest quality local artists' venue in the county. The center features over twenty resident artists with year round open studios, community art events celebrated with opening receptions offering fine art, food, wine and live music. The events at ASiF bring hundreds of local artists and patrons together each month, growing community and shared a dedication to the visual artists of Nevada County.

ASiF's 2011 Student & Teacher Show will open with a reception for the artists on Friday, August 12th from 5-8pm. Teacher presentations will begin at 6pm on the evening of the opening reception. The show will hang through September 3rd. The gallery is open from 10am-5pm, Monday - Friday, and 11am-4pm on Saturdays.

The Artists' Studio in the Foothills is located at 940 Idaho Maryland Road, in Grass Valley. For more information and a list of program offerings go to or call 530-274-7000.

Student & Teacher Show - Participating Artists
Vega Alvarez
Yoli Bacon
Barbara Barr
Eileen Blodgett
Lugene Boyd
Deborah Bridges
Kaylie Brooks
Phil Brown
Susan Crocenzi
Dallas Cruikshank
Kathryn Davis
Tyler DeFrance
Betty Takacs deViveiros
Maria Dicintio
Rita Fabrizio
Fran Ferrell
Cathy Gerstung
Sharon Griffiths
Lucy Guthrie
Barbara Harris
Sally Herring
Francene Holland
Betsy Hufnagel
Claudia Jeffers
Linda Johnson
Vivien Kane
Karen Klayman
Clea Lassiter
Angela Lazarow
Daneal Liller
Michael Marx
Karen Marinovich
Daly Merrill
Susan Michalski
Cynthia Moffatt
Gwen Moore
Jerry Murphy
Evelyn Norris
Nancy Patmont
Daniel Peck
Tayler Ravenscroft
Kristine Ringland
Adam Robertson
Mary Sanichas
Debi Savoy
Lin Schiffner
Lois Shelton
Kristin Steindorf
Denise Wey
Sierra Whitney
Christena Wiebe
Jill Wiggins
Jill Young

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