Monday, December 6, 2010

Mythic Beasts & Sacred Altars Show at ASiF Studios

The Artists Studio in the Foothills Gallery and Visual Arts Center is proud to present their October Gallery Show - Mythic Beasts & Sacred Altars. This show will feature mythical creatures by more than 30 local artists inspired by classic to modern myths... and altars designed to inspire great intention and place of being.

"Why do humans make art?" This age old question is at the core of this month's show at ASiF gallery. We know from the earliest evidence of humans, that art fulfills sacred purposes for us. Whether these were practical (depictions of good luck in a hunt), or more mystical (the spiritual leader as half-man, half-animal)... the mysterious nature of animals has empowered us since the beginning of time.

From shamanistic images of prehistoric times, to the latest teen fascination with vampires, humans have created art that delves into our dreams, fears and special connections with the animal world. Even the word animal, from the Latin anima, meaning "breath, soul", in and of itself touches on why the subject of animals holds such purpose for artists.

Altars exemplify another special purpose for art, as loci of the sacred... artists create unique spaces endowed with special human meaning.

ASiF's Mythic Beasts & Sacred Altars Show will open with a reception for the artists on Friday, October 1st from 5-8pm, featuring, fine art, food, wine, and live music! The show will hang through October 30th. The gallery is open daily from 10am-5pm, Monday - Friday, and 11am-4pm on Saturdays.

Mythic Beasts & Sacred Altars Show Participating Artists:
Cindy Barry
Colin Barton
Sandy Berliner
Rebecca Bleau
Eileen Blodgett
Calvin Bohner
Deborah Bridges
Ruth Chase
Joyce Currie
Willem deGroot
Heather deViveros
Lauren Drutz
Flo Fahrenheit
Jerry Hall
Sarah Hendrickson
John Hoft
Richard Hotchkiss
John Hughes
Elizabeth Jens
Valerie Kack
Teddy Kell
Kathleen Kershaw
Marin Lipowitz
Mandy Lucchese
Michael Marx
Michael Moerman
Victoria Mora
Anita Morgan
Amanda Paoletti
Jennifer Rain Crosby
Terrie Rockwell
Risa Roseman
Jeff Strain
Peggy Wright
Kathryn Wronski

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