Monday, December 6, 2010

Smallworks in the Foothills Holiday Show at ASiF

The Artists' Studio in the Foothills Gallery, and Visual Arts Center of Nevada County is thrilled to announce its third annual Smallworks in the Foothills Holiday Show! This has become ASiF's signature show, and works well to define the center's vision of becoming a conduit for the great number of talented visual artists in Nevada County. For this show, the gallery is brought to life with some five hundred original works of art. Each carefully composed gallery wall, consists of a peppering-in... a smattering if you will, of each of the fifty participant's - up to ten art entries. Paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, multi-media collages and sculptural & functional works, all under twelve inches, line the walls, shelves and pedestals for an absolutely stunning effect.

Each wall is a work of art in itself... Participating artists who share in the work of hanging this show will agree, that composing the walls with these small art works is a huge part of what makes this show a success. Several of the show's participants look forward to volunteering for this occasion each year, becoming engaged, and somewhat changed, by this expressly new and exciting way of hanging art! "It's pretty exciting", says Amanda Paoletti, owner, director of ASiF, "Guests and patrons have told me, that the style and manner in which we hang this show, has become contagious... a few have even begun trying to re-create the effect on a chosen wall in their own homes, and look forward to collecting a new favorite Smallwork each year!"

Another exciting note on this show, is that over the fifty-day course of the exhibit, art works are sold "off the wall". This means, that unlike the rest of the center's gallery shows, where sold works are left on display until the close of the show, customers are encouraged to buy smallworks for holiday gift giving, and to take them right away! "The most exciting part of this", offers Paoletti, "is that each time a piece is sold, a special gallery elf, left in charge of the center's secret smallworks stash, replaces it with another completely different one!"

Sharing the excitement for this show, is the new ASiF GiFT Gallery, for which the center will celebrate its Grand Opening on the evening of the opening reception of the Smallworks Holiday Show. Early this summer local artists began filling the shelves and jewelry cases, with beautiful handmade original, functional and sculptural works, to create what ASiF GiFT is now calling, the destination for handmade gift-able art by local artists. The gift shop offers cards, prints, jewelry, pottery, hand painted scarves and carved wood and glass works, and features on its walls, local fine artist's paintings and multi-media art, for a classy museum store-like feeling.

ASiF invites the public to celebrate the Smallworks in the Foothills Holiday Show, and ASiF GiFT's grand opening event, on Friday, November 12th, from 5-8pm. Fine art, food, wine and live music to be enjoyed by all!

The gallery and gift store are open Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm, Saturdays from 11am-4pm, and by appointment on Sundays. The Smallworks Holiday Show will hang through January 8th, 2011.

The Artists' Studio in the Foothills is located at 940 Idaho Maryland Road, in Grass Valley. For more information go to or call 530-274-7000.

Participating Smallworks in the Foothills Holiday Show Artists:
Denise Abella
Stephanie Adams
Cindy Bair
Cindy Barry
Alicia Berardi
Rebecca Bleau
Eileen Blodgett
Lugene Boyd
Deborah Bridges
Sarah Brink
Odette Brush
Jennifer Rain Crosby
Heather deVivieros
Flo Fahrenheit
Audrey Farina
Sarah C.V. Hendrickson
Barbara Hoffmann
John Hoft
Paul Honatke
Jeanne Jabbour
Susan Jakubik
Don Johnson
Kris Johnson
Valerie Kack
Max Komissarchik
Betsy Lombard
Jenny Long
Chic Lotz
Jill Mahanna
Ruth Mazur
Susan Michalski
Victoria Mora
Anita Morgan
Rick & Janet Nicholson
Amanda Paoletti
Penelope Partch
Jean Patterson
Denia Pearson
Clay Platner
Marsha Rafter
Mary K. Deleray Russel
Jim Stettler
Mary Thelander
Josh Unterman
Robin Wallace
Jane Welles
Denise Wey
Cheryl Wilson
Kathleen Woolsey
Kathryn Wronski

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